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Our Story

As some of you may know we (Carlos & Paul) started the business in 1997 selling furniture from Thailand on a market stall in picturesque Cambridge.

Realising that furniture is bulky and hard to store (!) we were given an opportunity to have fabric cushions, bedspreads and pashmina brought over from India and this is where our love for colour began.

We continued on the market while Paul started knocking on doors and by 1999 we managed to get enough finance together to go to India and we spent 2 months travelling and sourcing fabrics from Kerala to Nepal.

In 2001 we did our first trade show at Top Drawer. This was the launch pad and the company has gone from strength to strength.

We now launch 2 collections a year, Spring/Summer & Autumn /Winter, and exhibit at trade shows around the UK.


All of our end of lines and samples are donated to https://bloodwise.org.uk/, please click on link if you wish to know about their work.